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[Download] Dropship Bootcamp – Justin Cener


Dropship Bootcamp – Justin Cener | 5.17 GB

–Coaching Videos: Hours upon hours of in-depth coaching videos walking you through every facet of the dropshipping business. Modules include Niches, Product Research, Product Sourcing, Automated Fulfillment, Sources Besides AliExpress, Email Marketing, Scaling, Beginner Facebook Ads, Advanced Facebook Ads, and way, way more. Each module is filled with numerous, inclusive videos. I’m constantly adding new videos and added 4 just in the last week.

–Private Mastermind Group: This is a huge asset for you because in this private member’s only group, I answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION that gets posted. I don’t care if its purely beginner or super advanced, I’m going to take the time to answer each and every one that you post.

–Access To All Of My Webinar Replays: Any webinar even closely related to ecommerce, you’re going to get unlimited replay access to via the Member’s Area.

–Scaling Strategies: I could sell these alone for $50,000. These scaling strategies and rules are included in the bootcamp’s members area and can single handedly change your entire business. These rules are the difference between $100 days and $1,000 days.

–Tools, Templates, & Ad Copy: Literally copy and paste my ad copy, product descriptions, ad templates, email copy, email templates, etc. I’ve made them all available for you inside of the bootcamp member’s area.


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0354_Bootcamp.part8.rar  (403.06 MB)

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