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[Download] Email Success Summit – Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon and Perry Marshall


Email Success Summit – Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon and Perry Marshall | 16.2 GB

No more dead ends. Learn the shortcuts from proven experts
Starting my business a few years ago I had one main goal – I wanted my business to succeed. But I needed help from those who had the experiences and knowledge I lacked.

After recognizing that “the money is in the list” I started to build my own email list. But only in the last 3 months of 2015 did I grow it by 15,000 people.

Email has so much power to be personal, customisable, measurable, cost effective, and awesome at customer acquisition. You just have to know how to make the most of it.

We can help you do just that.

If you haven’t yet realised the huge opportunity that is email, read up on some of our speakers and I promise you; you’ll want to learn how to master it.

You could approach these experts one-by-one, paying thousands and thousands of dollars for their expert advice – or you can join us for this event.

Our speakers are proven businessmen and women who made millions from generating leads and taking their business to the top using email. They have spent thousands of hours and even more money making mistakes that you won’t have to repeat.

With the Email Success Summit you can learn from their mistakes, experiences, advice and get strategies that actually work.

We will be sharing how to write trigger campaigns, welcome emails, sales email sequences, re-engagement emails… it’s a ton of stuff. You get 40+ email pros sharing their best tactics and the steps you need to take to replicate their success all on camera.

The life-time perspective: the importance of a long-term plan and commitment in email marketing
Michael Leander
How to generate traffic to attract high quality subscribers
Ana Hoffman
Converting your Adwords and paid traffic into quality leads
Martin Shervington
Create a killer lead magnet to get response
Kristi Hines
Double your email list with lead magnets that convert
Bob Jenkins
Unlocking the list you already have
James Tuckerman
Battle of the buttons: Negative consequences and ethical bribes
Joanna Wiebe
Email capture best practices to engage raving fans
Erik Harbison
System to double your daily email opt-ins
Steve Chou
Leverage partner audiences to rapidly grow your email list
Navid Moazzez
Collaborate your way to rapid list growth
Steve Olsher
Contests: A proven system for generating sales
Travis Ketchum
Tactics to craft emails that demand attention and inspire action
Daniel Levis
Story-powered emails with the unique power of moving hearts & minds to connect, pursuade & influence
Andre Chaperon
Anatomy of an email that converts prospects into loyal custmers
Jeremy Montoya
Automated experience design: Copywriting to scale and humanizing relationships
Paul Sokol
Secrets of writing the perfect email to get a response (a review of 40 million emails)
Chris Cichon
Build deep relationships using your personality
Mark Asquith
The forgotten philosophy to retain subscribers
Perry Marshall
Mindset Modeling: Be more relevant to your audience
Scott Oldford
Transform lives through your relationship and brand
Joe De Sena
Supercharge your authority and list with live video
Joel Comm
3 proven Twitter tactics to add subscribers daily
Anthony John Amyx
Email everyday to a healthy and hungry prospect list
Ben Settle
Opening Volley Sequence: The most profitable emails you’ll ever send
Nick Quick
Plan and execute 5 simple campaigns
Christie Hamilton
Best performing email sequences for your ultimate goal
Robert Tyson
Blueprints for behavioral emails that convert
Rob Walling
Marketing automation as an employee, not software
Greg Hickman
Milestone marketing has killed your funnel
Jason Swenk
Ecommerce email marketing to skyrocket sales
John McIntyre
Segment your way to deep engagement
Danny Iny
Factors affecting your email deliverability and its impact
Matthew Paulson
How to avoid the spam folder and get your emails prioritized
Brendan Dubbels
RIP cold calling: QVC framework to unlimited leads with cold email
Justin McGill
7 steps to get any meeting using cold email
Bryan Kreuzberger
Evergreen launch email system for consistent cashflow
Leon Jay
Secrets to a winning product launch (hint: it’s your email list)
Casey Armstrong
Land your dream clients and kick start the money machine
Sherri-Lee Woycik
RFM score: Whales vs Minnows to ignite super profits
Drew Sanocki
How to get rich: Embrace the opt-out
Doberman Dan

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