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[Download] Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs – Arne Giske

[Download] Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs - Arne Giske

Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs – Arne Giske | 4.76 GB

What You Get Inside Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs
Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs – Foundations (So you can learn the mindset of a successful group owner and skip ALL the rookie mistakes I made that killed my first 4 groups!)
Engage With Purpose (So you can dominate your member’s news feeds and show up consistently by getting engaged members that post, comment, and enjoy the group!)

Branding, Structure & On boarding (So you can impress new members, turn them into customers / clients faster, and provide valuable content consistently!)
Kickstarting/Revitalizing Your Group With A Free Challenge (So you can start a group from 0 members confidently and get tons of engagement OR revive a dead group!)
Growth Strategies – (How to grow your group rapidly on autopilot with targeted members without paying for ads!)
Converting Members to Customers (Posting strategies, expert positioning tips, and how to design your content to subtly market without pissing people off!)
The FULL Course above so you can grow your group and business! ($3,000 Value)
Sales Funnel Secrets & templates so you can be confident that growing your group will result in growing your business ($2,000 Value)
90 Minute step by step challenge launch training so you can kick start your group from zero and get highly engaged members FAST ($1,000 Value)
Case studies so you can replicate some of my top performing engagement & lead generation posts for your business ($500 Value)
BONUS: Media Magnetism Masterclass so you can get tons of media appearances on autopilot without hiring an expensive PR company! ($500 Value)
BONUS: Case Studies on “The Purge” & “The Gorilla Takeover” so you can create unique events within your group to get more engagement & sales ($500 Value).


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0361Entrepreneurs.part04.rar - 500.0 MB
0361Entrepreneurs.part05.rar - 500.0 MB
0361Entrepreneurs.part06.rar - 500.0 MB
0361Entrepreneurs.part07.rar - 500.0 MB
0361Entrepreneurs.part08.rar - 500.0 MB
0361Entrepreneurs.part09.rar - 500.0 MB
0361Entrepreneurs.part10.rar - 374.4 MB

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