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[Download] Greg Davis – Presell Lander Master Class


Greg Davis – Presell Lander Master Class | 2.8 GB

3 weekly Online Classes
Classes will be 2 hours+
Starts Thursday, July 21
All Sessions will be recorded
Landing Page Optimization Done Right
Simple tweaks that can double or triple your ROI
Split testing
Multivariate testing
How to go from 0 to profitable optimized lander in 24 hours
Presell Landers A – Z
Advanced VSL techniques
Game Landers
Interactive Landing Pages
Viral landers – case study
If you’re not doing this you’re throwing away 20% of your ad spend.
Squeeze pages that build big lists
How To Get A 94% Optin Rate
King of the Presells
Made more millionaires than anything else I’ve seen
The highest ROI presell lander
Watch As I Build A COMPLIANT Advertorial from scratch
Watch Me Test and optimize LIVE
Mobile Landers
Mobile first
Mobile squeeze pages
Mobile Case Studies
Mobile advertorials
How to design landers for mobile
Examples of winning mobile landers
Real Life, Real Time Results
Real life campaigns
Real data
Week to week results
What’s working NOW

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0415Lander. Masterclass.part1.rar  (400.00 MB)
0415Lander. Masterclass.part2.rar  (400.00 MB)
0415Lander. Masterclass.part3.rar  (400.00 MB)
0415Lander. Masterclass.part4.rar  (400.00 MB)
0415Lander. Masterclass.part5.rar  (400.00 MB)
0415Lander. Masterclass.part6.rar  (400.00 MB)
0415Lander. Masterclass.part7.rar  (400.00 MB)
0415Lander. Masterclass.part8.rar  (273.19 MB)

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