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[Download] Local Marketing Vault 2018


Local Marketing Vault (2017- 2018 updates) | 37 GB

The Local Marketing Vault otherwise known as the Smart Marketers fast tracks everything for you.
You can start making money – FAST! No volumes of customers to deal with. No writing blogs forever and ever. Get money from Day 1.
The Local Marketing Vault training gives you exactly what to target, the ads, the funnels, everything.
Their training is very succinct so you can go fast. I mean fast.
The support in the Facebook group is amazing. If you get stuck the team is very helpful
Some guys are landing $2000 clients within 2 days. One guy just yesterday hit $15k in his first month. I have FINALLY found something that pays good money fast. And without little effort I’ve landed $450 just in the last 10 days. And those are trials and at the very bottom of the pay rung.

What’s Inside The Local Marketing Vault
When I say they put their top performing campaigns inside the Vault.
.I mean they put EVERYTHING!

Here is what is included with EVERY one of the 20+ campaigns:
– The Exact Ads
– The Exact Keywords (PPC)
– The Exact Targeting (FB Ads)
– The Exact Landing Pages
– Which Traffic Source To Use (PPC, FB Ads, or Both)
Conversion Stats (They said by knowing how the campaigns perform on average, it makes it easier to confidently talk to potential clients and sell them)
This is insane in and of itself, but there’s even more!

There is also a ridiculous amount of support training that includes:
– Getting Clients Training
– PPC 101 Training
– Facebook Ads 101 Training
– Landing Page / Funnel Training
– Automation Training
Basically everything you need to get smart on generating leads for local business clients, how to land small business clients, and how to get them results when you do get them as a client.

Download Url/Filename Options
0385Marketing. Vault.part01.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part02.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part03.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part04.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part05.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part06.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part07.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part08.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part09.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part10.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part11.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part12.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part13.rar  (700.00 MB)
0385Marketing. Vault.part14.rar  (327.93 MB)


All updates

Download Url/Filename Options
0385Vault.updates.part01.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part02.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part03.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part04.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part05.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part06.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part07.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part08.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part09.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part10.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part11.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part12.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part13.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part14.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part15.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part16.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part17.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part18.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part19.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part20.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part21.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part22.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part23.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part24.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part25.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part26.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part27.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part28.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part29.rar  (999.00 MB)
0385Vault.updates.part30.rar  (708.19 MB)

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