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[Download] Making Real Money: The Business of Commercial Photography

[Download] Making Real Money: The Business of Commercial Photography

Fstoppers – Making Real Money: The Business of Commercial Photography | 20.3 GB

Are you a photographer who has an amazing portfolio but still struggles to land the jobs you want? Maybe you’ve been a professional photographer for years but you still haven’t connected with advertising agencies or international brands. Perhaps you feel like your photography business has plateaued and you’re not sure how to expand. In Monte Isom’s new tutorial, Making Real Money: The Business of Commercial Photography, you will get an inside look at what it takes to land work from advertising agencies, the world’s largest magazines, and international campaigns. This tutorial is an inside look at the highest level of photography. All of your questions about the industry will be answered.

Who is Monte Isom?
Monte Isom is a commercial and advertising photographer based in New York City. Over the course of his career, he has photographed everything from Hollywood movie posters to massive global advertising campaigns for many of the worlds most prominent brands. Monte’s client list includes Adidas, Nike, Gatorade, Visa, Allstate, New Balance, BodyArmor, Marvel, Spike TV, National Geographic, and dozens of other high profile brands and networks. Before Monte started photographing for himself, he assisted many of the most successful photographers including Sandro Miller, Gregory Heisler, Albert Watson, Peter Lindbergh, Timothy White, and Martin Schoeller to name a few.

For years, we have wanted to film the ultimate tutorial on the business of commercial photography but we needed to find the right instructor. We wanted to team up with someone who was not only a well-accomplished photographer but someone who understood the industry’s best-kept secrets. Monte Isom is a true master at marketing and he has a complete understanding of how the industry works from all sides. For the past 20 years, Monte has built connections in every area of the advertising world and he has used his knowledge and these contacts to land big budget jobs year after year. For the first time in his career, Monte is finally sharing everything he has learned that has taken him from being a photography assistant to one of the most sought-after photographers in the world.

Topics Covered In This Tutorial
What to Put on Your Website
Marketing to the Right People
Mailers, Emails, Cold Calls, and Non-Traditional Marketing
How to Stand Out in a Conference Call
When to Work for Free VS When to Demand Payment
Building Impressive Treatments and Decks
Winning the SEO Game
Understanding the Different Points of Contacts
Drafting Competitive Estimates
Understanding License Usages
Making Money with Copyright Infringements
Beating the IRS and Tax Audits
Budgeting the Shoot and Paying Your Assistants
Working Direct to Brand vs Through an Advertising Agency
How Photography Agents Work
Working with Celebrities
Finding Extra Money in Editorial Work
Carnets and Working Overseas

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Commercial.Photography.part20.rar  (1.00 GB)
Commercial.Photography.part21.rar  (364.83 MB)

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