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[Download] Manny Hanif – Penny Likes Academy

Written by sRT*

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Manny Hanif – Penny Likes Academy | 3.78 GB

Watch Over My Shoulder, On How I Get Dirt Cheap Likes For $0.01, For My Facebook Pages, For Any Niche, In Any Market
Hey, my name is Manny Hanif, and I am finally going to show you how you can pay 1 cent for Facebook Likes in any niche, in any market without having to spend lots of money on Facebook Ads.
I discovered this method by accident and it has worked time and time again for me. No matter which niche I go into – I am paying literally pennies for Facebook Likes.
It has taken me over 3 years to finally reveal my complete blueprint on paying pennies for Facebook likes.especially since most people think it is no longer possible to get cheap “Likes” on Facebook..which is a HUGE lie and a BIG MYTH.I am about to change that.
I Pay Pennies For Likes From Western Countries – United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.
And I build up Facebook pages extremely fast within days, with high engagement and lots of organic traffic!

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M_1325.Likes.Academy.part1.rar  (800.00 MB)
M_1325.Likes.Academy.part2.rar  (800.00 MB)
M_1325.Likes.Academy.part3.rar  (800.00 MB)
M_1325.Likes.Academy.part4.rar  (800.00 MB)
M_1325.Likes.Academy.part5.rar  (672.78 MB)

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