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NicheHacks Insider – Full RIP | 777 MB

Here’s What You Get Immediately When You Enter The “NicheHacks Insider” Platform…

The “Niche Hacks Insider” Platform is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

It’s simple yet effective.

There’s no bells and whistles aimed at “dressing the content up” or bamboozling you.

The real star is the content it’s self.

Everything is in written format.

There’s no videos or other shiny objects to distract you.

Just straight and to the point learning materials.

1). 200+ Profitable “Done For You” Niche Reports
Eliminate boring niche research!

Eliminate guess work!

No more time and money wasted!

Seriously, everything required to profit from the niche is included.

Just pick a report knowing that it is 100% profitable.

Which means, you focus on making money rather than spending it hand over fist!

Which also means, less time spent at the office and more quality time with your family.

And you’ll be free from stress too because of the extra income you’re bringing in once your new business is successfully up and running.

And that’s not all; 6 new profitable niche reports are added every month.

Here’s a small sample of the 200+ niche reports available instantly:

Keto Diet
Hair Loss Treatment
Baby Care
Model Ship Building
Joint Pain
Retro Video Games
Dog Fashion & Apparel
Tiny Houses
Amazon FBA
App Development
Gun Safety
Senior Dating
Diabetic Recipes
Offshore Banking
Backyard Chickens
FOREX Trading
Excel Tutorials
Cat Care
Home Solar Power
Quit Smoking
3D Printing
Artificial Intelligence
Slow Cooking Recipes
Learn Spanish
And so much more across multiple markets!

2). Instant Access To Online Business Ideas and Action Plans
Simply pick a business today and follow the blueprint with reassurance you’re on the right track.

Each business model is a proven online business idea (usually with my unique twist to give you a competitive edge) eliminating any need for creativity on your part.

And when your business idea comes to life?

Financial stability awaits you.

Finally say “screw you bank manager” when you eliminate your debts.

Or better still, treat yourself and your family to a new house, car, vacation or whatever else you desire!

Can you feel the weight lifting off your shoulders already?

Can you feel the love you’ll get from family members because you’re able to provide for and treat them?

This is a reality when you launch your profitable business.

The “Business Ideas” will be added to and updated whenever I brainstorm a profitable new idea.

Here’s a small sample of the business plans available instantly:

Amazon Affiliate / Product Review Site
Authority Sites
Coupon Sites
Price Comparison Site
Niche Flight Comparison Site
Niche Hotel Comparison Site
PLR Membership Site
Monthly Recurring Membership Site
Unusual Product Site
And more!

3). On Demand Access To The “Execution Plans” Library
Quickly and easily complete online marketing tasks without confusion thanks to the “step by step” execution plans.

Forget guessing, forget struggling, forget feeling frustrated.

The benefit of this to you?

Less late nights glued to the laptop doing tedious internet marketing tasks when you should be sleeping or spending time with your family.

And you’ll fall asleep the instant you go to bed because the usual stress keeping you awake has been lifted.

Which means no more exhausted work days being grumpy and unable to focus.

Your days will transform from a tiring slog to fully energised days free from worry.

These “Execution Plans” will be added to and updated whenever I have something new to share.

Here’s a small sample of the Execution Plans available instantly:

The Laid, Paid & Live Forever Niche Strategy.
Quick & Dirty 15 Minute Niche Research.
How To Fast-Talk Influencers In Your Niche To Send You Traffic.
How To Be A (Relative) Niche Expert In 30 Days.
How To Find The $$$ Value Of Your Niche.
How To Mine Amazon For A Lucrative “Hidden” Niche.
The Essential Profit Questions.
How To Obtain 75% Affiliate Commission Payouts.
And much more!

4). 24/7 Access To A Library of “Forgotten Marketing Secrets From The Centuries Old Art of Direct Response Marketing”.
These “Forgotten Marketing Secrets” from over 100 years ago are powerful and still relevant marketing strategies I’ve learned from years of studying dusty old classic marketing books and applying their teachings to the online world.

And they still work 100+ years on!

No guru-gimmicks, no fluff, no short term loopholes based on fads.

Just pure “direct response marketing” gold you can implement immediately in your business.

Usually it would take years of studying and time spent in the trenches to learn these strategies yet I distil them into easy to understand golden nuggets that can be applied to the online world.

You won’t learn any of these century old “direct response marketing” secrets from the guru’s or other niche marketers as they focus on loophopes, fads and gimmicks only.

Destroy your competition instantly when you deploy these secret weapons.

What will you spend the money you generate on?

Are you ready to replace your income, fire your boss, and claw back your freedom?

No more spending every day worrying if your internet marketing business is going to collapse like a house of cards because of the “guru gimmicks” of the month you’ve been taught.

Instead know everything you learn is evergreen, tried and tested, and works in the long run.

New Marketing Secrts will be added monthly!

Here’s a small sample of the Marketing Secrets available instantly:

The Bastard Confessions Of A Dead Lipstick Billionaire.
“Classified Codebook” Written In 384BC Reveals Secret To Seizing Control Over The Masses Today.
The Single Biggest Sales Killer.
The Solve Not Sell Approach.
Creating Your Own “Thumb Print System”.
Why “Curiosity = Clicks”.
Why “DRM Strategies” always win over “IM Tactics”.
Why Flashy Sports Cars & Gorgeous Red Heels Tell You Everything About Why Customers Buy.
And much more!

5). Handy Printable Checklists and Cheat Sheets
The same checklists and cheat-sheets I use to systematise and automate my business.

Print them off, put them on your desk, and breeze through online tasks.

You’ll spend less time on “grunt work” and more on whatever you love to do most!

These Checklists and Cheat-sheets will be added to and updated whenever there’s something new to share.

Here’s a small selection of the checklists and cheat-sheets you can access instantly:

9 Time Management Techniques For Affiliate Marketers.
10 Point SEO Checklist To Increase Your Rankings.
10 Steps To Creating A High Converting Affiliate Review.
10 Ways To Keep Your Visitors Glued To Your Website.
How To Create High Converting Facebook Ads.
23 Places To Find Your Niche’s Best Keywords.
31 Ways To Promote Your Content.
20 Things You Must Avoid As An Online Marketer.
And much much more!

6). Unlimited Access To A NEW “Inner Circle” Only Community.
Ask questions, give help, network and exchange ideas with other smart “Inner Circle” only members.

There’s no stupid questions just stupid answers so you can ask anything without judgement.

Due to the exclusive nature there’s no noise or tyre kickers distracting you.

Clawing back control and grasping back your freedom is the collective goal here.

The collective knowledge and experience available makes you the smartest person in your niche!

The other marketers in your niche will envy the results you get as you’ll quickly outperform your competition thanks to your new “marketing chops”.

7). Ask Your Questions At The Monthly Q&A’s
All your burning questions answered at the monthly Q&A’s so you’re never lost, stuck or confused.

Never feel alone again with support from the like-minded, non judgemental, community of people.

Your frustration will be eliminated and your confidence increased.

You’ll be part of a like minded tribe of people with the same shared goal of succeeding in life.

Can you imagine how that will feel?

NicheHacks Insider Makes
Owning Your Niche Easy

The “Niche Hacks Insider” Platform makes ‘owning’ your niche so easy.

The skills and knowledge inside will build you a profitable niche marketing business, faster!

It’s designed to do just that!

When first unleashed to the world many of my peers said I was completely crazy to price membership so low.

But I know how hard it is to put a dollar into anything these days.

And believe it or not, I really get a kick out of seeing people transform their lives completely.

That reason alone is a huge motivator for me launching this.

Look, I make a decent living – decent enough so I can live address-independent and enjoy my life.

But really, it’s not about the money.

It’s about quality of life.

And to enjoy a high quality of life means you need money.

It’s the only way to claw back control and become secure.

So if we’re both getting results and making money then we’re both happy, right?

So that’s my commitment to you; to equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources you need to build a profitable online business.

That creates a win win situation for both of us.

Fast Action Takers Are Rewarded Today
With The Lowest Price Ever

So, I’ve thrown open the doors for a limited time to the NEW “Niche Hacks Insider” Platform.

And today fast action takers are rewarded with the lowest price ever, it will literally never be priced so low again.

Why this low launch price?

It’s a fast action offer for the launch period and seriously under-priced so I have no choice but to increase it after the launch is finished.

Otherwise I’m shooting myself in the foot for all the hard work and effort I’ve taken to create this.

When you see the value inside I am confident you’ll agree I’ve priced this extremely low.

NicheHacks Insider Keeps You
Committed And On Track
Towards Your End Goal

First let me address something on your mind…

Why a monthly recurring offer?

This year my goal is to help more “Niche Hacks Insider” Platform members than ever claw back their freedom.

I genuinely believe us working together on an on-going basis is the only way for you to change your life forever.

Think about it…

A monthly recurring offer keeps you committed to your end goal.

When dishing out your hard earned cash every month you’ll do everything in your power to get your money’s worth.

You’re like me; you don’t squander your cash easily and you demand value for money.

Which keeps you motivated and nudges you into continuous action.

On top of that, it increases my commitment to you.


When you’re generously rewarding me with your hard earned cash every month then my obligation is to deliver you value each and every month.

I’ll be forced to step up my game and deliver you the best content.

And I’m thrilled to do so.

And should you no longer receive value just cancel with one click, no questions asked.

So as you can see, a monthly recurring offer commits both of us to on-going action.

Genuinely, a monthly recurring option means we’re both winning.
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