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[Download] PDQ Inventory V15.1

[Download] PDQ Inventory V15.1

PDQ Inventory V15.1 + crack | 52 MB

[Download] PDQ Inventory V15.1

Optional Agent

The Agent is an optional service installed on computers in the PDQ Inventory database. It is used to perform tasks
that would typically require a direct connection and use of the normal PDQ Inventory service.

Intelligent Data Tracking

Out of the box, computers are automatically grouped based on common data. View computers that have the same installed applications, hardware, operating systems, and even Windows updates. Additionally, create groups based on your own criteria.


Easily launch remote desktop, remote command, reboot/shutdown, WOL, event viewer, and more. Incorporate and run your own scripts and favorite utilities with ease.


Report on the exact data you need by using the built-in reports or create your own. Reports are created using our filters or even SQL. Run reports on any or all computers in the database then print, export and even save and email on a regular schedule to all your bosses.

Integration with PDQ Deploy

Easily identify which computers are out-of-date and use PDQ Deploy to deploy to those particular PCs. Automatically update PDQ Inventory directly following the deployment. However, best of all is automatically deploying when a computer goes from offline to online in PDQ Inventory.

Insanely Detailed Data Tracking

The Collection Library makes it easy to see which computers have out-of-date popular applications or run times. These groupings are updated as new versions of these apps, updates, and runtimes are released and serve as great templates for creating your own.

Find What You Want, When You Want

PDQ Inventory offers customization in what data is gathered and when. Make sure the information most important to you is at hand at the time it’s needed. Easily scan for:

Multi-Admin Access With a Shared Database

Share your reports and collections with other admins by creating a server/client relationship. Maybe they’ll buy you a drink for all of the work you saved them.

Application Details

PDQ Inventory

Software and Hardware Inventory Collection Tool


PDQ Inventory allows Windows admins to know the software and hardware installed on their computers

Release Date


Memory Requirements

8 GB RAM – Console machine (16 GB recommended)
4 GB RAM – Target machines
SSD Highly recommended for Console machine

OS Requirements

Windows Vista, 7, 8x, 10, or Server (2008x, 2012x, 2016x)


.NET 4.5.2 (4.6 recommended)


Software and hardware inventory scanning



Download Via UploadGiG Inventory.

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