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Scott H Young – Learning On Steroids

Scott H Young – Learning On Steroids | 7.4 GB

Learning on Steroids is divided into twelve modules. Every month, you get a new module (once you’re a member, you can upgrade to get them immediately, if you prefer). Inside every module you get:
Implementation Guides – These will each teach you a new tactic for learning faster. Many of our students have improved their grades and cut down their studying time with just one of these. Every month you get two new guides.
Video Guides – These build on the implementation guides, walking you through examples and teaching you extra tips you can apply. (Module 12 only has Implementation guides, no video)
There are also Audio recordings of interviews with:
Benny Lewis – Fluent in ten languages, Benny Lewis is famous for learning hard languages in a short period of time. He eventually inspired my own Year Without English, so I can say these methods do work–I used them myself to learn Chinese in just over three months!
Cal Newport, PhD – Cal Newport exhaustively researched the behaviors of top students in his book, How to Become a Straight-A student. In this session, he shares the productivity system he found most effective.
Liam Martin – Liam used to get B’s and C’s. Then he radically overhauled his studying habits until he scored only A’s and A+’s for the remainder of his time in university. He then went on to coach thousands more students as a tutor. I speak with him and he shares the method to go from mediocre to top performer.
I’ll also give you
The Rapid Learning Manifesto. This guide gives a full walkthrough of the philosophy of the course as well as the tools you need to start actually changing your studying habits.
Two bonus Implementation guides.


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