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[Download] Straight Line Persuasion System – Jordan Belfort


Straight Line Persuasion System – Jordan Belfort | 4.47 GB

Jordan Belfort – Straight Line Persuasion System

Sales and persuasion training from the guy who made $50 million a year in personal income, and trained over 20,000 brokers in his methods.

Jordan Belfort’s life story is an enigma – and about to be made into a major movie starring Leonardo DeCaprio.

Here’s the $64,000 question. What is the difference between people who succeed and those who fail? How is it some people are able to create massive wealth, unprecedented business success, and also make a difference for others, whereas others seem resigned to a life of constant struggle and despair?

Anyone in the real world of business and finance knows that lasting success doesn’t just happen—it requires a precise combination of three things: (1) a burning desire and to create wealth (2) the capacity to act quickly when opportunity knocks and (3) the commitment to work hard and master the strategies necessary to take advantage of it when it does.

In his Straight Line System, Jordan has put together a system that helps people harness these three forces and master the skills necessary to create ongoing success, prosperity and fulfilment.

Persuasion is the magic bullet to creating massive success, wealth, and fulfilment. There is no more important a skill both in business and in your personal life.

This proprietary step-by-step training system was recorded live at a private event and has been put together in bite-sized chunks so you can immediately apply what you’re learning and put it to use.

Within this program, you’ll have access to over 14 hours of training (in AVI format) plus the MP3s from the videos for easy listening at your convenience.


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