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[Download] T. Harv Eker – Secrets of Inner Power

T. Harv Eker – Secrets of Inner Power  | 1.3 GB

What Will You Learn When You Enroll In
Secrets of Inner Power 2.0 Today?

This program will help you:

Increase your inner strength and confidence to take on any challenge that stands in the way of reaching your peak potential.
Become incredibly trustworthy using T. Harv Eker’s universal law so you don’t only trust yourself, but also gain respect and trust from others.
Develop laser focus when it comes to making better and faster decisions to reach your goals quicker than ever before.
Unleash your “inner warrior” and empower yourself to take unconditional action in spite of your fears, doubts, barriers and obstacles.
Learn to become crystal clear about what you want, need, and deserve, so you can actually achieve your goals (instead of just dreaming about them).
Finally stop seeking other people’s approval and pursue the goals that truly fulfill you – not the goals you think will impress everyone else.
Be less angry and frustrated with others and yourself, so that you can build healthier relationships that work for you instead of against you.
Be less judgmental and critical to others and yourself so that you can stop focusing on problems and focus on solutions instead.
Shut down your fear-based “monkey mind” and learn to liberate your True Self — the original person you were when you came into this world.
PLUS, the brand new 2.0 version of the program includes…

Warrior points: A special tool to keep you motivated to finish the program. Once you reach a certain number of points, you’ll unlock an awesome bonus from us.
Action-oriented exercises: Knowing what to do isn’t enough to succeed. You must DO what you know and apply it in your life to actually see results. Our new upgrade includes exercises and actions to guide you in implementing each lesson into your life so you are seeing the best you when you finish.
Custom learning dashboard: We have a brand new learning dashboard that makes the entire learning experience more effective, fun, and simple for you. You’ll be able to track your progress throughout the course, earn badges for completion of modules, and be quizzed on what you’ve learned so that you actually retain the information.
And much more! (You have 45 days to test it out, risk-free)
In a moment, we’ll break down how each module in the program can help you master your mind and develop your character, so that you can succeed no matter what… but first, in case you’re new around here, we want to tell you a little about Harv.


Module 1: True Self vs. False Self

Most of us live not as our original self, but our FALSE SELF — the person we were taught to become. Using the Japanese Samurai philosophy of becoming a warrior, you’ll learn how to differentiate between your true self and false self, and develop and master your true self — the powerful person you originally were when you came into this world.

Module 2: The Power Of Unconditional Action

Learn specific techniques on bridging your Inner World (thoughts and emotions) and Outer World (RESULTS) to help you take action in spite of your fears, doubts, worries, and ANYTHING — in order to succeed and find happiness in the real world.

Module 3: How To Detect & Eliminate Your “Mindfrick

Don’t believe a thought you think! Your mind will tell you anything and create any stories it wants you to believe to protect you. But that could also mean thoughts that are stopping you from taking action. Harv calls this “Mindfrick”, and he teaches you how to detect its many toxic phrases and flip the script to work for you instead.

Module 4: 16 Ways To Access Your Power

In this Module, you’ll discover 16 strategies and practices that Harv personally uses to access your power and conquer your “Mindfrick”, including powerful declarations, mottos and statements that will strengthen your trust in yourself.

Module 5: How Accountability Shapes Your Reality

A warrior is 100% accountable and takes full responsibility for her or his life. In this Module, you’ll learn how you create your own reality, success, failure and mediocrity, and how to hold and nurture your power by taking responsibility for the results in your life.

Module 6: Integrity Is Your Most Important Value

Integrity is probably the most important value you can have, yet many of us still struggle to keep our commitments by turning to excuses, exaggerations and “little white lies”. In this Module, you will learn why your word must be LAW and how that one principle will dramatically impact your life.

Module 7: Develop Self-Approval For 
Happiness & Success

The final Module highlights one of the biggest obstacles that causes misery and prevents you from reaching your true potential — both in happiness and financial success. You’ll learn how to eliminate the need to seek validation from others by developing your own self-approval, so that you can truly accept, recognize and not give a damn what others think about you.


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