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Techni Trader – Position Trading

Techni Trader – Position Trading | 15.4 GB

Benefits of the Position Trading DVD course:

– This expanded version of the Premier course provides additional advanced position trading education specifically designed for part-time trading.
– Position Trader Student Support package included.
– Complete Set of Advanced Trading Tools and Special Position Trading Tools included.
– Dark Pool By Zones, Dark Pool Platforms and HFT Training for Position Trading.
– Self-graded tests to help you retain what you have learned.
– Guidance during your Simulator Trading to hone Position Trading Skills.
– Individual Customizing of your chart layouts, indicator settings, and trading plan for position traders.
– Online Student Wiki files with additional training.
– Daily Market Educator email training with ongoing lessons to hone your skills.
– Mentoring Sessions with student stock picks analyzed.
– Each course manual along with corresponding TechniTrader DVDS are designed to maximize your learning experience, as there are numerous detailed explanations and examples throughout each entire course.

Who should enroll in this course:
Beginners or Novice traders: will find this trading style to be far easier to learn than any other short-term trading style and it doesn’t require as much capital to start.
Long Term Investors: Position Trading is a wonderful step into shorter-term trading if you have only invested for the long term. T As an Investor you will find that learning how to position trade will help you choose stronger stocks for their investment portfolios.
Part-Time Stock Traders: If you simply do not have the time or desire to sit at a computer 8-10 hours a day. Position Trading is the answer.
Retirees: If you need to make extra income but don’t want to spend your retirement sitting in front of a computer all day, you will enjoy Position Trading. You can even do this while traveling.
Entrepreneurs: If you want or need to work from home and make extra income. Stock Trading using the position trading style is a career path for you. If you are a Stay-at-home parents or already work from home, you will find this style of trading fits your lifestyle.
Options Traders: Position Trading is invaluable for learning how to find great stocks for option trading. A common time-frame for option contracts is 3 months, so position trading is an ideal trading style to learn for options.
This course offers a means of monthly income trading as little as once a week. The Methodology Essentials Position Trading Specialty Edition is a one of a kind, in-depth, complete foundation course that teaches the entire process for trading stocks position style part-time, from the comfort of your home, when you want to trade.
Each course manual along with corresponding TechniTrader DVDS are designed to maximize your learning experience, as there are numerous detailed explanations and examples throughout each entire course


If you are satisfied and make enough money,

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