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The Real Estate Summit | 6.93 GB

The truth is, there are several ways to invest in Real Estate and they each have their own pros and cons.

In this 6-part course, experts will walk you thorough the following Real Estate Investment methods:

– Flipping
– Wholesaling
– House Hacking
– Buy & Holds
– Tax Deeds
– Tax Liens

You will learn:
– How to Get Your First Rental Property by House Hacking
– How To Build Wealth with Rental Property + Plus a Real Look at What It Takes To Be a Landlord
– The Difference Between Tax Deeds & Tax Liens + How To Find Tax Deed Properties in Your State
– What it Takes to Successfully Flip a Property
– Wholesaling 101: How to Find Your First Deal + How to Analyze a Deal
– How to start Investing in Tax Liens with as little as $400
PLUS, you get to see the replay of the AFTER PARTY.
The AFTER PARTY is a 1.5 hour Q&A with all of the Summit Presenters! It’s a must see! Some of the questions you have may have been asked in during this Q&A.

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M_1173.Estate.Summit.part03.rar  (700.00 MB)
M_1173.Estate.Summit.part04.rar  (700.00 MB)
M_1173.Estate.Summit.part05.rar  (700.00 MB)
M_1173.Estate.Summit.part06.rar  (700.00 MB)
M_1173.Estate.Summit.part07.rar  (700.00 MB)
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M_1173.Estate.Summit.part09.rar  (700.00 MB)
M_1173.Estate.Summit.part10.rar  (700.00 MB)
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