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Game Character Sculpting For Beginners with Zbrush & Maya

Step By Step Guide From Besh Mesh Creation to High Poly Sculpting Using Zbrush, Maya and Marvelous Designer
What you'll learn
  • Modeling Methods of Maya
  • Cloth Modeling Using Marvelous Designer

  • Sculpting Methods in Zbrush

  • Shoes Detailing in Zbrush
  • Many Production Tips and Tricks Through Out The Course
  • A Full Character Model From Start to Finish



MedMoh_Character_Accessories_Base Mesh Modeling In  (1.04 GB)
MedMoh_Cloth Modeling in Marvelous  (235.91 MB)
MedMoh_Game Character Retopology in Topogun & Maya for Beginners .rar  (952.60 MB)
MedMoh_Maya Strong Foundation.rar  (442.13 MB)
MedMoh_Zbrush Game Character  (1.09 GB)


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