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The Divi Builder was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities. The builder transforms elements into visual building blocks, allowing anyone to understand and edit the structure of their page without touching a single line of code. There are no limitations as to how builder elements can be customizations and arranged, making Divi the most flexible theme we have ever created. Divi will change the way you build websites forever.

version 3.0.96 ( updated 01-7-2018 )
– Fixed an unintended information exposure within password protected post exceprts that mistakenly displayed some small amount of content from password protected posts inside of post feeds as part of the automatically generated post excerpt. If you are using password protected posts, it’s important that you update your theme to prevent parts of your password protected content from being seen by your visitors. As part of this disclosure, we have emailed all Elegant Themes customers with detailed information about the problem and how to fix it:
– Fixed the issue when js scripts from modules content were executed in Backend Builder in some cases.
– Fixed unsaved Divi Leads not being backup into browser backup
– Changed pagination line height default value to ‘1.7em’ in Portfolio modules.
– Fixed speciality section overlay color in click mode.
– Fixed the issue when Text Overlay Border Radius setting do not applied for slide custom heading level.
– Fixed the issue when Heading Level option was not rendered correctly after undo/redo actions.
* includes/builder/class-et-global-settings.php
* includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
* includes/builder/module/FullwidthPostSlider.php
* includes/builder/module/PostSlider.php
* includes/builder/module/SliderItem.php
* includes/builder/scripts/builder.js
* includes/builder/functions.php
* includes/builder/module/Blog.php
* epanel/custom_functions.php


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