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Elite Close Combat Training: Bullets, Bats & Blades



How To disarm, disfigure and dismember any person silly sufficient to tug a Blade, Bat, or Gun on you or your circle of relatives…


“How To Disarm, Disfigure And Even Violently Dismember Anyone Stupid Enough To Attack You Or Your Family With A Bat, Blade Or Gun!”

Let me ask you one thing…

Would you are taking preventing recommendation from a legal scum bag?

Sounds like a foolish query, does not it?

Well, are not making up your thoughts too temporarily. Because I have were given a tale to inform you that feels like one thing proper out of a Hollywood “gangsta” flick!

Check this out:

Recently, whilst coaching with some cop pals, I heard about an ex-con named Pancho who used to be in a vicious L.A. gang stuffed with felony scumbags who assault, torture or even kill blameless folks only for “kicks.” And what came about used to be, Pancho used to be arrested through the police after which “turned” into an informant in trade for now not being tossed in jail.

Anyway, lengthy tale brief, quickly after the police officers became Pancho…

He Was Caught By The Gang With A “Wire” On Him!

They someway came upon what he used to be as much as.

And they informed him in nice element all of the ill, perverted issues they have been going to don’t handiest to him — but in addition his woman pal and his 2 younger daughters.

Pancho bolted for a close-by go out.

But prior to he may just break out, he used to be surrounded by way of over a dozen bloodthirsty gang-bangers armed to the tooth with knives, bats and weapons!

What did Pancho do?

Well, fortunately for him, whilst he used to be a brief, pudgy guy (and now not a lot of a hand-to-hand fighter) — he used to be a wizard when it got here to guns disarmament. In reality, inside of 30 seconds, he had now not best taken down part the crowd bangers who attacked him… however…

He Escaped Without A Scratch!

Hell… if anything else, Pancho dedicated all of the exact violence.

Including leaving a few of the ones gang individuals completely crippled, scarred or even lifeless — caught with their very own blades, shot with their very own weapons or crushed with their very own bats, crowbars and chains.

It used to be probably the most fantastic factor I ever heard.

And you realize what?

Pancho’s tale were given me to eager about you.

What would YOU do for those who have been attacked in the street via a violent legal (or gang of violent criminals) armed with a bat, knife or gun? Someone who didn’t simply need your cash or your watch or your automotive — however simply enjoys the ill excitement of inflicting folks ache?

What in case your spouse and youngsters have been with you?

What Would YOU Do?

If you do not know, then you are merely NOT ready.

Especially since maximum side road assaults don’t seem to be via unarmed males.

They are virtually all the time accomplished via anyone ARMED, bad and, occasionally, so “mentally unbalanced”, they’re going to…

Shoot, Stab Or Kill You If You Even So Much As Twitch The Wrong Way!

But this is the excellent news:

Recently, I taught a seminar revealing ALL the tips I have discovered about disarming criminals (and hanging THEM in an international of harm) and recorded it to video.

I name it: Bullets, Bats, & Blades.

This collection comprises the entirety from the filthy “street-smart” weapon disarmament techniques I discovered from being in actual side road fights myself… to the sneaky stuff utilized by SWAT and inside town police officers…

Down to the REALLY brutal tactics I train my FBI, Secret Service, and Special Forces scholars who every so often finally end up in scenarios ten occasions WORSE than what even Pancho used to be in. (Imagine being surrounded via pissed off terrorists with loaded system weapons, machetes, and 2×4’s. Not a laugh.)

Here’s only a style of what you’ll be able to be informed when gazing those movies…

The proper (and mistaken) approach to make use of your automotive keys to reason irreparable injury to some other guy’s frame. (Like, as an example, completely disfiguring his face or popping one in every of his eyeballs like a grape.)
How to make use of your frame’s herbal armor to “stab proof” your self. (I doubt if even one in a 1,000 self protection mavens in the world is aware of the best way to use this a part of the human anatomy.)
What to do if you are taken hostage with a hand in your throat and a gun for your temple. (You can both be a sniveling, crying sufferer… or do THIS and make the bastard want he’d by no means even laid eyes,_Bats_&_Blades.part1.rar,_Bats_&_Blades.part2.rar,_Bats_&_Blades.part3.rar,_Bats_&_Blades.part4.rar,_Bats_&_Blades.part5.rar

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