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Excel: Top 10 Excel Formulas to Work Smarter

About This Class

This top 10 Excel formulas Course introduces you to the most useful functions that will save you time on the job. You will work faster. You will work smarter.

The course includes:

  • Complete workbook I use for demonstration
  • Exercise book (answers included)

The reason I created this specific Advanced Excel course, is because there are many advanced Excel users who are unaware of key Excel formulas in Excel. I understand that when you take an Excel training it can be so broad, and a lot of courses cover too many topics. It’s easy to get lost. You might also not immediately appreciate why some features are useful and how you can practically apply them. We are creatures of habit and it’s difficult to get our head around learning new techniques. As a result you might be missing out on some features that can majorly simplify the way you use Excel.

This course will help you fill in the gaps!   (download)
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