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Website Hosting with FTP for students (Pure Practical) is a course for students who are finding it very difficult to understand the common principles of hosting their own website by themselves and for students who are new to web development. It is very simple and easy to understand for students who have never hosted a website before now. The instructor is a very high experienced teacher, software developer and have also worked with some reputable companies. He has also been teaching computer  programming since 2014 and have mastered the art of conveying information for better understanding which have made many of his student excel with less stress in computer programming. Students are advised to follow this course step by step so that they would understand it very well because every lecture is filled with vital information which should not be missed. This course was made based on instructors experience in hosting websites for companies and individuals to help students excel with less stress.

Who is the target audience?

  • students
  • Beginners in software devleopment
  • Website designers
  • Computer programmers


  • Students must have completed a course on Responsive website design with solid HTML5 and Pure CSS3 by George Steve to have access for a source.
  • The knowledge of website design is required for students to understand the general overview of this course.


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