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Fundraising your Crowdfunding Campaign FAST on Kickstarter


Do you have an idea for a campaign but don’t know what steps to take?

Does you idea costs 6 figures but don’t know how you could raise that much in just 28 days?

Are you having any doubts on how much this will all costs?

Don’t worry I am here to put your mind at rest.

With all the researching, assessing dozens of campaigns, looking at who is more successful and who is failing, and observing what both the successful and failed campaigns have done.

I have compiled a detailed explanation with an 11 proven steps to follow. This will put your campaign on the trending list, and will provide you with more than 267% of your set funding goals.

Not only that, I will uncover Kickstarter secrets that only successful campaigns are exploiting when running a campaign.

On this course, I will go over:

• 9 absolutely necessary pointers that will boost views by 10 folds

• 5 Hazardous Pitfalls that will mean life or death for your campaign and how to avoid them

• Cracking the secret Kickstarter ranking algorithm that will put you on the trending list

• 5 Must-Have tools that will equip you will to tackle any troubles you encounter

• How to write the highest converting landing page

• How to use the most undervalued and most important marketing tools and make it your personal arsenal.

and much, much more…

All of this will be at your fingertips once you enroll. Instead of spending weeks upon weeks learning blind on what works and what doesn’t, just watch this 2 hour video and you won’t even regret it.

Who this course is for:

  • People trying crowdfunding on Kickstarter
  • People Curious about Kickstarter and Crowdfunding
  • People who have Idea and wanting to change to a reality


  • Internet Connection and a PC or Android to access the course

Last updated 1/2019


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