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About Max Results SEO – Supa Growth

My name is Jamie and I’m from the UK. I spent many years making websites and trying to “get rich online”. Then I saw a quote from Zig Ziglar that changed how I thought about life and internet marketing.
“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

At that point I realized the majority of successful people (especially online) are offering products and services of real value, they’re not just trying to make a quick buck by ranking poor quality websites. So at the start of 2016 I began my journey to help as many people grow their online business successfully as possible in the hope that in turn my own online business will grow with theirs.

Frequently asked questions

Will you make some software/tool for me?
If many people will benefit from that tool then indeed, I might just make it for you! Fire me a message.
Do you do paid development?
Nope sorry guys. Focusing on growing my website and tool collection.
Why can’t get your software working?
These are the common reasons people can’t get the software / tools working.
They haven’t watched the tutorial video
Their firewall is blocking the software
They’re trying to use public proxies. Please for the love of god use dedicated proxies.
My anti-virus says there might be a virus in one of your software products?
Executable files that are not frequently downloaded are often flagged by anti virus vendors as suspicious as its simply an easy way of stopping people installing viruses. As soon as I see a product is being flagged as suspicious (which does happen now and again) I submit a sample to anti-virus vendors who see there is nothing malicious in my code and remove the false positive. If you are unsure please install using Sandboxie or run inside a virtual machine.

Amazon Keyword Generator

Amazon Link Checker

Amazon Ripper

Backlink Checker

Bad Link Buster

Bad Neighborhood Checker

Bing Keyword Generator

Broken Backlink Finder

Bulk Moz DA Checker

Contact Form Poster

Content Creator


Easy Amazon

Easy YouTube Traffic

Ebay Keyword Generator

Elite Content Creator

Email List Cleaner

Email Scraper

Expired Domain Finder

Expired Tumblr Hunter

Expired Web 2.0 Finder

External Domain Extractor

Facebook Group Poster

Forum Traffic Generator

Free Proxy Finder

Google Keyword Finder

Guest Post Finder

Keyword Link Spy

Link Monitor

Most Viral

Outbound Link Checker

PBN Hunter


Power LSI Finder

Proxy Checker

Search Engine Scraper

SEO Checker

Spun by Google

Supa Simple Rank Checker

Twitter Bot

Twitter Laser

Viral Spy

Website Finder

Website Plagiarism Checker

Wikipedia Backlink Beast


YouTube Comment Bot

YouTube Keyword Generator

YouTube View Bot

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