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Holly Starks – Video Series About GMB

Holly Starks – Video Series About GMB

Training 1 Creation Of Local Guides + Reviews
-How to create LG 10’s that shouldn’t get banned. I currently have roughly 10k LG guides. It’s a process. You should daily be creating LG accounts, whether they are LG 1-10.
-How we use the LG accts
-How to make the reviews stick (or at least a better chance of them sticking)

Training 2 How To Use Local Guides
-How to do Edit’s
-How to drop Pins without claiming them
-How to use them for FAQ
-GMB Following Feature
-Reporting bad reviews
-Reporting listings
-Voting Up FAQ

Training 3 How To Rank GMB’s
-GMB Posts + Software
-GMB FAQs + Software
-GMB Reviews
-GMB Followers
-Pop Optimzer Content
-A Bit of Super Secret Sauce

Training 4 Follow Up




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