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[Group Buy] Natasha Vilaseca  – LinkedIn Unleashed

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Written by sRT*

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طلب كورس

[Group Buy] Natasha Vilaseca  - LinkedIn Unleashed

Natasha Vilaseca  – LinkedIn Unleashed

So What Do You Get?
This program has been expertly crafted to include everything you could need in order to be successful with LinkedIn. The combination of 8+ hours of training with an amazing community + your two additional bonuses you receive today… means that you’ll be on the fast track to success with your LinkedIn.


8+ Hour In-Depth LinkedIn Video Training: ($1,997 Value)
We take a deep dive into how to get agency or consulting clients on the world’s largest business networking platform. Your business will never be the same after this training…


Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Session: ($1,997 Value)
I host a monthly LIVE call on Zoom. I can unmute you so you can directly ask me questions about optimising your profile, messaging templates, etc. The best part? I charge more than the price of this course for a 60 minute coaching call. You get one monthly for FREE!


Cheatsheets, Templates & Resources: ($997 Value)
Everything from messaging templates to profile optimisation checklists, I’ve got you covered. You can literally just steal what’s working for me right now!


Winning Community: ($997 Value)
Our Facebook community is filled with Six & Multi-Six Figure agency owners & coaches. This winning community has all the knowledge and expertise you need to excel.


Section 1 – The Foundations 4 Lessons0:47:16
► Welcome 5:22
► Understanding th Basics 19:53
► Setting Up Your Account 25:33
► Knowing Your Audience 09:01
► Joining Groups 13:44

Section 2 – The Power Of Social Proof 4 Lessons0:56:30
► Creating A Killer Profile 17:11
► Enriching Your Media 06:08
► How To Reach 500 Connections 08:25
► How To Get Endorsements & Recommendations 11:53
► Creating Killer Content 12:53

Section 3 – The Psychology Of Your Prospects 6 Lessons0:13:11
► The Basics Of Social Selling 04:46
► The Buyer Motivation Strategy 03:10
► How To Establish Authority Within Your Niche 05:15

Section 4 – Engaging Your Prospects 4 Lessons0:32:58
► In-Bound And Out-Bound Lead Generation 07:39
► Incoming Connection Requests 05:59
► Re-Targeting Content Engagement 02:37
► Asking For A Referral 04:18
► The Two-Touch Method 07:57

Section 5 – Next Level Lead Generation 6 Lessons1:33:23
► Setting Up Acuity 25:33
► Sales Navigator Explained 21:24
► Setting Up The Automation 14:44
► The Messaging Formula 09:34
► Video Outreach 09:16

Section 6 – The Anatomy of Organisation 3 Lessons0:18:30
► Structuring Your Day 8:02
► The LinkedIn Planner 10:28

Bonus Section -0:22:39
► LinkedIn Profile Audit 22:39





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