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4 hrs 12 min TOTAL — (All videos are HD streaming only, thank you so much for supporting us)

VIDEO 1 – 20:00 Learn the essential elements of Modo’s user-interface, configure preferences, and customize panels.

VIDEO 2 – 27:34 Learn the key underlying concepts behind Modo’s modeling workspace such as the item list, centers, action centers, and the work-plane.

VIDEO 3 – 28:18 Learn the basics of material and environment properties.

VIDEO 4 – 39:57 Learn how to add textures to materials and the basics of UV mapping.

VIDEO 5 – 40:11 Learn how to build a Daz Studio character and properly import it into a Modo scene.

VIDEO 6 – 11:05 Learn how to build a character with Adobe Fuse and properly import it into a Modo scene.

VIDEO 7 – 11:25 Learn how to utilize both the Google 3D Warehouse and Turbosquid as asset resources.

VIDEO 8 – 47:48 Learn what types of lights are available in Modo and how to use them, as well as some basic rendering techniques for an interior apartment scene.

VIDEO 9 – 30:27 Watch Justin build a simple interior scene utilizing assets from the Modo library, Daz, Fuse, Google, and Turbosquid.

+2 Modo custom menu config files for use with the tutorials.




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