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enable dark mode on google chrome-turn on night mode-chrome dark theme for windows-android mobile-activate extension.


This tutorial is about how to enable dark mode in google chrome.

Also you can check it on your android mobile device,by accessing the google app news feed.

This trick is 2018 released and also works on all windows versions and ios iphone,ipad also.

The youtube already has this new feature for pc users,and the android phone models doesn’t get any latest apk for this update.


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how to turn on dark mode on google chrome :

1.Long time i have the one doubt about how to make google chrome as black theme.

2.But today i get the answer to change this dark theme background by using that extensions.

3.But one thing remember it,if your chrome browser is without extension is installed it is not possible to do it.

4.So first of all goto your google chrome web store and then locate that pack,and then click to install it.

5.If you want to use this night mode for your incognito window,you can click to activate it in your settings.

6.Here i using the windows 10 desktop for accessing the websites.

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