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•  Inside this course, which started November 4, 2017, you’ll get invention help to learn how to create money-making gadgets and invent simple products, like we did, that people will buy and might even make you rich.

• You’ll discover how to unleash your innate creativity and invent something new that can form the foundation for your own company or be licensed to manufacturers and marketing companies, where you can earn royalties like authors do for writing books.

• You’ll learn our proprietary invention methods and techniques for generating new product ideas, and discover the same practical, creative skills that we used to invent more than 50 simple products such as: kitchen gadgets, stationery products, sports bottles and car air fresheners that altogether have achieved retail sales of more than $120 million and counting.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for anyone who wants to create a simple consumer product. You can be an inventor, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, designer, marketing person, manufacturer, product developer. You may already have an idea, or hope to find an idea you can develop into a physical product you can sell.


  • Before starting this course you need to be curious, believe that you are creative and have a desire to create something real and useful.


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