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Learn Both Design with Photoshop and Code with Android Studio to publish your first app on the Playstore in just 16 HRS!

Created by Vivek Ramesh, Gary Simon
Last updated 3/2016
English [Auto-generated]
What Will I Learn?
  • Understand how to use Photoshop for app UI design
  • Create simple, yet effective logos for app projects.
  • Understand the basics of coding in Java and using Android Studio
  • Design and develop a full, production-ready app from scratch.
  • Android Studio
  • Adobe Photoshop CC (if you’re following the design portion).
  • Adobe Illustrator CC (if you’re following the design portion).

Have you ever seen a beautiful screen and wondered how it was designed or read a hundred lines of neatly formatted code and wondered how it works? This course aspires to seamlessly blend app design with android development giving you the complete picture. Learn how to design and code a fully working, professionally designed Android app from Photoshop to Playstore under 16 hours.

We build an app called BucketDrops in the series which lets you keep track of life goals. The course begins with app design instructed by Gary and covers the following:

  1. Photoshop basics
  2. Illustrator basics
  3. Principles of Logo Design
  4. Process to design the app mockup screens

We then dive into Android Programming using Android Studio instructed by Vivek Ramesh “Vivz” which covers the following topics

  1. Basic components of Android (Activities, Services, Intents, Fragments, and BroadcastReceivers
  2. Drawables and selectors
  3. Efficient Image Loading With Glide
  4. Fragments, FragmentManager and FragmentTransaction
  5. Realm database and queries
  6. RecyclerView, sections, animation and swipe to delete
  7. Styles and themes
  8. Custom Widgets and Views
  9. Running periodic tasks with IntentService, AlarmManager and BootReceiver
  10. Reverse engineering an APK file
  11. Proguard
  12. Publishing on Google Play

Follow along as Gary Simon and Vivek Ramesh “Vivz” walk you through the entire process of designing and coding a production-ready android app.


  1. You have Photoshop and Illustrator installed on your system.
  2. You know a bit of Object Oriented Programming (Any language will do but Java is preferable)

Materials included

  1. Assets wherever appropriate
  2. Presentations, keynotes and slides wherever appropriate
  3. Document containing GitHub code links attached on lecture 39
  4. Videos are enabled for offline access

Who are these guys?

Gary Simon has been a professional designer for over 15 years and has dealt with over a thousand clients on a variety of design and development projects. He owns a popular design business, along with its associated youtube presence which is one of the most popular design channels with almost 100,000 subscribers.

Vivz has been a java developer for nearly a decade and is the founder of a channel called slidenerd that deals with mobile programming on YouTube with almost 100,000 subscribers

Between the two, millions upon millions of aspiring designers and coders alike have benefited from their instructions.

Who should take this course?

Anyone that’s interested in designing and developing apps for android. You can be an absolute beginner and follow along. You can also be an intermediate/advanced designer or coder and still gain valuable insights.

So if you’re ready to start designing and coding amazing android apps, let’s get started!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who has an interest in designing and coding apps.

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