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This tutorial is about how to use instagram poll feature.

This instagram trick is new one 2018 released update and it is also called as insta story or ig story.

Using this tips you can vote on instagram post in your computer and ios iphone also.

If you get any error while try to add instagram polls to your stories,you can watch this method to fix the problem.


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how to make a poll on instagram story :

1.In this video i will show you how to get poll on instagram if you don’t have it.

2.First of all open your instagram application using your android mobile.

3.Then complete your sign in or login process.

4.In your home page section,you can tap on your profile picture icon.

5.Now your android phone or pc camera is automatically turned on.

6.Here you can select your image file for instagram polls purpose.

7.Then click that i mentioned icon,it is located at the top.

8.Now it shows “Ask a question”,and in bottom “Yes or No”,so in this section you can type your polling question.

9.Once you making the poll text,and then select “Send to” icon and one more time select “Share”.

10.Finally your instagram stories are shared with your friends.

11.This is the way you can easily use instagram poll questions.

12.Also create poll in instagram status.


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