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This tutorial is about how to send a message to all contacts in whatsapp.

This is the new feature in 2018 and also works on whatsapp web and whatsapp business accounts.

Also check that bulk msg status,if the broadcast message is delivered or not delivered.

There is no limit to send one message to all contacts and if you not stored the contacts you can select new contact to adding in this list.

Using this tips you can send multiple messages without creating a group.

This video is also available in tamil,hindi,telugu and malayalam.


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how to send whatsapp message to all contacts at a time :

1.Today i get the answer to send lots of messages at once.

2.Using this method you can send bulk sms to 10 contacts to 256 peoples.

3.This trick only works on latest version of whatsapp messenger.

4.So first of all update your whatsapp to newest version.

5.Once the process is completed,just click to open your whatsapp.

6.In your chats section,you can press that 3 dot icon and then it shows some options.

7.Here you can select “New broadcast” and the second one.

8.So what is broadcast means?.

9.You can send multiple text messages in 1 click by without adding contact.

10.After select this option and all my contacts are showing.

11.Here you can select your contact names to include in that list.

12.Once the broadcast group is successfully created,you can send single message to multiple contacts.


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