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messages for web-google android messages app-send text messages from computer-texts-send sms from pc using android phone-not working.


This tutorial is about how to send message from your pc to mobile and android messages for web setup guide.

Also i will show you how to use this app in your tablet and any other devices.

This best feature is released from google on 2018 update and works on all countries like that india,usa and uk.

Sometime this messages for web option is not appearing,and it shows no option found,at that time your app is also not working.

At that time you can check your app,if this app is updated or not and also backup your chat history by using this application.


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how to send/receive text messages from computer using android mobile :

1.Long time i have the one doubt about how to send sms from pc using android phone.

2.This trick is only works by installing the google android messages application.

3.So how to install it and what is this?

4.Just open your google play store and then search that app name and click to install it.

5.Once the installation is completed,click to open that application.

6.Now open your google chrome web browser or any other browser,and then click to open that i mentioned url.

7.In this messages android page has one QR code and also enable “Remember this computer” option.

8.Because this settings will help you to automatically logout from your laptop.

9.Now open your android messages app in your mobile and click that 3 dot icon and then select “Messages for web” option.

10.Then my camera is automatically starts to scanning the code,and match that code in your browser.

11.Finally this messages for web feature is ready to use and click to “New conversation” for create the new texts.

12.This is the way you can easily send multiple or bulk free text msg via ios iphone also.


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