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What is your most genuine artistic expression?

For some it’s drawing, painting, making music, cooking, etc.

Maybe it’s poetry.

Whatever your form of art, this course will get you closer to creating that artwork in a way that is more enjoyable for you and more compelling to your audience.

Think back to your childhood.

What did you most enjoy doing?

We all have hobbies or passions that are sitting in a closet somewhere collecting dust.

When do we decide to take those passions off the shelf and breathe new life into them.

This course is your invitation to do that.

We all have those pasttimes that make us forget about time, where we are and allow us to get into an intense flow state where creatvity and rich expression comes to us.

In a world of constantly striving to achieve and prove ourselves we lose our childish nature for creating something for the pure and simple joy of creating it.

Too often we get to the end of the day, week, month, and eventually our lives and find that the things we most enjoyed doing got lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This course is a wake up call.

No matter what kind of art you love to create, this course will get you closer to the reasons you started creating that art in the first place, so you can revisit that place of passion.

If you suffer from writer’s block or those times when there seems to be a wall between you and creativity, this course will get you into a state where the words and expressions come to you naturally and effortlessly.

If you struggle to make deadlines for creating your art this course will help you to create your art fluidly so that there is a flow to your writing.

The best art is created from a place of connection to our life experience, nature and the world around us.

This course will reconnect you with what made you love creating your art in the first place so that you can get to that place instantly when ever you sit down to start creating.

Poetry is one form of artistic self expression.

No matter what kind of art you create, this course will remind you why you’re doing it all in the first place and how you can do it better, faster and enjoy it all the while.

Anyone who is passionate about something knows that there is an art to what they’re doing.

They know instantly how to get to that place of passion where the ideas, creativity and flow state comes to them.

This course is your first step to getting back to your place of passion.

The only place from which true art can come.

Who is the target audience?

  • Artists who want ot be even more passionate in their work
  • Lovers of poetry
  • Creators of poetry
  • Writers looking to make their work more compelling and influential
  • Artists who want to innovate and explore a new world of possibilities and inspiration
  • Anyone who wants to live their everyday life more passionately
  • Anyone who wants to become a poet
  • Anyone who wants to understand a poet
  • Anyone fascinated by poetry and art
  • Anyone who uses art to become more present to the moment
  • Anyone who wants to know themselves at a deeper and more profound level


  • Want to know how to start writing poetry
  • Have a burning desire to explore the world of poetry
  • Revisit your youth and childhood experiences for inspiration
  • Delve deeper into your artistic gifts
  • Committ yourself to developing your artisitc gifts on a regular basis
  • Be willing to find your artistic form of expression and cultivate it
  • Live each day more beautifully with an artistic focus and appreciation
  • Appreciate more deeply each day and the gifts you’ve already been given
  • Enter the present moment more deeply and richly so as to create your most compelling artwork
  • Study the great artists and look at what made them so passionate
  • Translate your artistic passions to other areas of your life
  • Appreciate poetry at a deeper level
  • Want to know how to get inspiration for your poetry


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