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How to write technical IT requirements to get what you need

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Written by Curss Curss

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Did you ever request something a (development) team and they delivered something else?Did you have had a client who said (s)he wants something and then never wanted to accept the deliverable?Did you ever had discussions about “obvious” things not being understood or not being delivered?Did you ever waste your time in scrolling back through emails of things agreed but not implemented?Did you ever had to pay for work to be redone because of poor quality?Did you ever worked for free because your client change his/her mind?Then this course is for you.In this I’ll show you how to write specifications EFFICIENTLY! Step by step how to write requirements so that you spend your time wisely, the development team delivered what you expect it to be delivered.

Step by step this what we do:

  1. Define high level scope
  2. Define the list of functionalities
  3. Define the user journeys for EACH functionality
  4. Build structure to your requirements – learn to add for each functionality
    1. Write detailed description to each functionality
    2. Make a complete list of deliverables
    3. Write acceptance criteria
  5. What technical aspects you have to specify
  6. Legal requirements
  7. Peer review

Who is the target audience?

  • Business Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Development teams
  • Entrepreneurs


  • Notepad / Notebook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Mindmap


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