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Create Hand-Drawn Illustrative Surface Patterns & Repeats, How to create prints from hand drawn sketches and many more

Created by Shubham Sharma
Last updated 5/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Create beautiful patterns from real life moments
  • Understand the whole design process
  • Understand how to use adobe illustrator for surface pattern designer
  • Create repeating surface pattern design
  • A PC or Mac with adobe illustrator installed
  • Basic drawing skill
  • Basic understanding of adobe illustrator
  • Sketchbook & Sketching Tools
  • Camera or smartphone or scanner

Welcome to my new class Creating Illustrative Surface Patterns & Repeats: Capture Life Moments on Products.

As you already know the best part of being a surface pattern designer is the scope of creativity. As a surface pattern designer, you are free to explore anything & everything. We will do same in this class.

In our life we encounter with some very creative and beautiful moments, but we usually just use them to upload on Facebook or Instagram. We forgot that they are more precious and useful that just showing them to others.

And that’s what this class is all about. In this class, I will pick some creative moments and convert them to surface pattern design. This class will help you in exploring this new side of creativity and force you to think like a designer.

You should take this class, if you are interested in surface pattern design, or you want to explore this new side of creativity. So, get you creative juice flowing and enroll for this class.

Enroll Now!

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who wants to learn about surface pattern design
  • Students who wants to create patterns from real life
  • Students who want to learn adobe illustrator for surface pattern designer

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