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Build successful and profitable influencer marketing campaigns. Imagine having the power to market your business through the following of social media stars, bloggers, and Youtubers.  I will teach you how to create, negotiate, and manage your influencer marketing strategy.  Influencer marketing is one of the newest and most successful forms of social marketing today and you will learn the ins and outs of influencer marketing in the course. You will learn how to make a great campaign from start to finish.

This course will cover:

  1. How to find influencers in your local community or anywhere in the world
  2. How to contact influencers
  3. Which social media influencers are the best
  4. KIP
  5. How to track results

and many more tips and tricks!

This course is great for anyone interested in social media marketing or anyone who has a business of their own.  The content in this course will show you examples, provide information on how to take action and start ASAP. Influencer marketing can be used for Shopify, Amazon FBA, PR, and many more.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in marketing with influencers
  • Small business
  • Ecommerce – Amazon FBA, Shopify


  • Passion for marketing

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