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This tutorial is about how to use emoji in instagram chat.

This is the 2018 released instagram new feature and get emojis in black and white colour.

Using this new update you can make emojis on username,comment,instagram bio and messages.

If you are accessing instagram live via pc,you can change it by click to “edits” option and all emojis are trend now.

This slider some time not showing up in older version and that move from left to right side.

This video is also available on tamil,hindi,telugu and works samsung,redmi and ios iphone also.

This slider is mostly used to answer the yes or no questions.


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how to put emojis on instagram stories :

1.Today i will show you how to add emoji slider on instagram post.

2.First of all open your instagram application in your android mobile.

3.Complete your sign in or login process and tab on your profile icon in home page section.

4.Now your android phone camera is automatically turned on.

5.Here you can take a photo or you can use a photo from your gallery.

6.Simply i use a pictures from my android gallery.

7.And in this section i have one icon at the top,so you can press it.

8.In bottom i get the some options,and in this section you can choose “Emoji slider”.

9.Then ask your question and also change this text font and colours.

10.There is no emoji keyboard is required.

11.Also add smileys with different one by pressing that emoji icon.

12.Once the template is ready you can click to “Done”.

13.This is the way you can easily create emoji on instagram story section.


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