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Introduction to C Programming for the Raspberry Pi

Written by Curss Curss

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This Course is about learning the fundamentals about the C language to get you started with making physical projects with the Raspberry Pi developed in C. This Course is for Hobbyists, people who want to make prototypes or are interested to make a carrier change.

Reasons for joining the course could be:

  • You don’t like Python, the default language for the Raspberry Pi, and you are looking for an alternative language.
  • You’re curios about the C language and think, it would be a fun way to learn C and make Raspberry Pi projects at the same time.
  • You have heard that the default Industry Language for embedded systems is C and want to know if this could be a carrier for you.

After this course, you’ll know what Compiler you need and how to work with it from different working environments, like the command line, the IDE Geany and Netbeans and how to get everything to work.

You’ll learn how to get electronic components to work with C. The projects we will do are independent from each other and can easy be customised or combined which each other for your own needs.

All the examples are easy enough for beginners.

So, let’s summarize what you will get from this course:

You will learn to get your development environment right, this goes from knowing what to use and installing to configuration.

Most of the time, I will code before your eyes, which will make it easy for you to understand how things are done.

The examples and the provided Source Code will give you confidence.

You will also become familiar with using sensors or other electronic components to make physical projects that are developed in C.

Who is the target audience?

  • Everybody who is interested to make Raspberry Pi projects using the C Language


  • A Raspberry Pi and some electronic components are needed. A computer, like a PC with Windows or Linux or a Mac Computer.
  • Students should have some experience with making physical projects with one of the Raspberry Pi’s. Some basic programming skills for example with Python.

Last updated 1/2017


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