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Introductory Financial Accounting-A Simplified Approach

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Introductory Financial Accounting-A Simplified Approach


· This course is designed to develop and enhance the accounting knowledge and skills of students.

· Students will be introduced to important accounting concepts and learn a range of accounting skillswhich include:

1. Classifying and analyzing transactions

2. Preparing general journal entries

3. Posting journal entries to the general ledger accounts

4. Preparing a trial balance

5. Preparing a profit/loss statement

6. Preparing a balance sheet

7. Preparing a cash flow statement

· Students can successfully complete this course with minimal or no prior knowledge of accounting.

· Understanding and application of basic maths is recommended.

· A calculator, pen and writing paper are required.

· Students will learn about the accounting equation and all the components which make up the accounting equation such as assets, liabilities, equity, capital, drawings, profit, revenue and expenses

· Students will learn the double-entry rules of accounting and how to apply the rules to classify and record transactions.

· Students will also learn how to record transactions using the general journal and general ledger.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginning or continuing students of financial accounting will find this course valuable.
  • Small business owners and managers will find this course useful.


  • There are no formal prerequisites for this course.
  • An applied understanding of basic maths will be useful.
  • A pen, paper and basic calculator is needed.

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