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Improve your Ionic Framework knowledge by learning how to design & develop Ionic Mobile Apps.

Created by Tinashe Munyaka
Last updated 6/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Design & Develop Ionic Apps
  • Freelance as Ionic App Designers
  • Design and Develop Ionic App Themes for Resale
  • Seek Employment as an App Designer
  • You should have access to a computer.
  • Being familiar with Ionic will be an advantage but is not necessary.
  • Be familiar with HTML and CSS

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out this course. So, everyone seems to be talking about how to develop Ionic apps, but no one ever seems to really talk about HOW TO DESIGN IONIC APPS!

You might end up learning all the development principles for Ionic (and that is great), but most of these course only teach you things like, how to create a to-do-list and other similar apps, but don’t really teach you design! 

This course is NOT focused on teaching you how to DEVELOP Ionic apps, BUT rather, HOW TO DESIGN ionic apps.

This course will cover the following:

  • How to create an Intro / Welcome Slider
  • How to use Google Fonts in your Ionic Apps
  • How to setup Font Awesome in your projects
  • How to design Attractive Login Pages
  • How to create Video Streaming Pages for YouTube and Vimeo
  • How to create Parallax Images for your Apps
  • Creating Automatic Sliders
  • How to create Side Menu Pages
  • Plus a host of other cool things along the way!

If you are wanting to increase your Ionic knowledge, then join me on this journey and let’s get started!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone wanting to learn Ionic
  • Designers interested in designing Ionic Apps
  • Anyone looking at generating money from designing Ionic Apps

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