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ISTQB Certification Advance Level Test Manager


The ISTQB® Advanced Tester Certification—Test Manager training course expands on the test techniques and methods  introduced in the ISTQB® Foundation certification course and addresses those areas of the ISTQB® advanced syllabus specifically related to the Advanced Test Management certification.

The course focuses on the key areas that are vital for successful test management: the testing process, test management, standards and test improvement processes, reviews, defect management, test tools & automation, incident management and people skills.

It is very tough to prepare for this course by yourself because of the lack of ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager resources but this course is here to help you overcome this issue. I have included everything you might need to know to understand the syllabus of the CTAL-TM fully. I have included explanation to every topic in a separate short videos plus sample questions for you to practice for the exam,

The course is filled with hands-on exercises to help you practice the methods and techniques taught in this course. Video explanationsof the sample questions  of why and how to pick the right answer in a short time. I have also included extra videos that I thought will help in speeding up the process of comprehending the syllabus.

My name is Maged Koshty, the managing director of ExpertWave an ISTQB Training Provider company. I have over than 28 years of experience in the software industry. I have a solid record in helping 1000s of students pass the ISTQB Foundation exam and I am here to help you pass the ISTQB advanced level test manager certification exam. I will teach you everything you need to know to pass the exam from the first trail, I will provide you with 100s of sample questions and I will answer any of your questions 24 x 7

This course covers the syllabus for the Advanced Test Management certification and will help you prepare for the exam.

“This material is not accredited with the ISTQB”. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wishing to take the ISTQB® Certified Tester Advanced Level Test Manager examination.
  • Test Managers, Test Leaders and Test Program Managers, .
  • Testers wanting to improve their knowledge in test management methodologies and techniques.
  • Anyone involved in testing software project projects (including testers, engineers, analysts, consultants, software developers, customers, everyone).


  • The ISTQB® Foundation Certificate is a plus to understand the course and is a must to take the exam

Last updated 1/2019


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