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Master advanced web services concepts and implement them in easy steps

Created by Bharath Thippireddy
Last updated 9/2017
What Will I Learn?
  • Develop a simple SOAP service and client
  • Learn what WS Security is
  • Master the four security concepts – Authentication Confidentiality Integrity and Non Repudiation
  • Implement SOAP Web Services security using Apache CXF and WSS4J
  • Implement Username Token Profile authentication on client and the provider
  • Understand Encryption and Decryption
  • Learn how to use the java keytool
  • Generate and use keys/certificates
  • Implement Encryption and Decryption
  • Sign the SOAP messages and ensure message integrity
  • Enable Timestamps to prevent replay attacks
  • And much more in the future on this agile style and incremental course
  • Complete my Java Web Services Course on UDemy
  • Or Should Have Apache CXF and SOAP and REST Web Services Knowledge

This course is a continuation of my “Java Web Services” course which is the most popular course on that topic on UDemy as well as on the internet.

Are you interested in learning and implementing advanced Web Services concepts such as Security ? Then this course is for you.This is a incremental course.I will adding several new topics such as OAuth,Async Communication and more relevant topics that are not covered in the Java Web Service course.

Do you want to learn the four key security areas and address them in your SOAP Web Services?

This course will simplify things with concepts and step by step implementations . By the end of it you will:

1. Understand the four key security areas

2. Use the WS-Security standard to secure your services

3. Implement Authentication

4. Understand what Encryption is and why it is required

5. Learn how to use the java keytool to generate security key pairs

6. Implement Encryption and Decryption both on the web service client and web service provider

7. Learn what , why and how to sign soap messages

8. Prevent replay attacks by enabling Timestamps

9. And many more advanced SOAP and REST web services topics in the near future

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who have completed my Java Web Services Course on UDemy
  • or Students with strong SOAP and REST web services knowledge
  • Student who want to master the security concepts and implementation
  • Students who want to learn and implement advanced web services concepts

Size: 720.13M


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