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Learn solid skills in JavaScript Regular Expression and Build a jQuery Validator Plugin

Created by Sera Nguyen
Last updated 10/2016
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to apply Regular Expression in validating tasks
  • Learn how to extract text from a string with custom patterns
  • Understand different methods supported in JavaScription Regular Expression
  • Master replacing techniques in JavaScript
  • Use advanced Regular Expression techniques
  • Learn how to build plugin using jQuery framework
  • Students should have basic background in JavaScript language such as functions, objects…
  • Students should be familiar with jQuery framework
  • The course uses Backets tool. But any FrontEnd supported tool should work
  • Some basic HTML and CSS

Regular expression is one of the fundamental skills in programming tasks. It doesn’t matter what kinds of applications you are building, you may have to deal with strings and regular expressions such as finding a sub string, extracting a sub string, validating user’s input format, and replacing sub strings. These are especially for web development and for the most popular language on the web: JavaScript.

This course includes 2 parts:

In the first part, I will walk you through all important topics and skills in regular expression in JavaScript language. You will experience from the most basic topics to advanced areas in the language, which consist of:

  • Validate variety of users’ input formats: number formats, text formats, phone, email formats..
  • Validate and extract sub-string with grouping techniques
  • Apply different methods: test(), exec(), match()
  • Advanced replacing techniques: replacing with patterns, referring back to the matched groups, callback functions
  • Advanced techniques: look-ahead, greedy – reluctant quantifiers

In the second section, you will learn how to build a jQuery validator plugin, which covers:

  • How to build a plugin in jQuery
  • Provide default and custom options to plugin
  • Using the RegExp() object to create dynamic regular expression pattern

Students who take this course should already have basic knowledge and skills in JavaScript language and jQuery framework.


I use the Brackets Tool throughout the course, but you can use any tools as you prefer.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who want to learn JavaScript skills
  • Designers who want to learn JavaScript skills
  • FrontEnd developers who want to master Regular Expression in JavaScript
  • Anyone who uses JavaScript and jQuery in their work

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