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Kim Roach – Marketing Lab

Kim Roach - Marketing Lab

Kim Roach – Marketing Lab
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Kim Roach – Marketing Lab


The Marketing Lab is an online marketing training program that aims to provide assistance to online marketers on how to increase their sales, revenue and even visibility online. This training program is one of a kind since its members and its creator work hand-in-hand in providing online marketing strategies and assistance.

The Marketing Lab showcases Kim Roach’s tried and tested successful marketing strategies but also allows its members to share their own strategies that worked. This is a collaboration of online marketers helping each other to succeed.

Who created The Marketing Lab?
Kim Roach, is the mastermind behind The Marketing Lab. She is also the maker of Instant Payday and the Traffic Dashboard. Kim is an online marketing geek; she started her online marketing business during her high school days and was already earning $1000 a month. Her product, the Traffic Dashboard is all about her specialty which is driving more traffic to your website without depending on search engines. Her 30, 000+ monthly visitors to her website is the solid proof of this. In The Marketing Lab, you will get to learn more of her strategies and techniques in driving more visitors to your website.


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