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Learn Arduino I2C by making an Arduino UNO FM radio receiver


In this course you will learn how to make an Arduino Uno FM radio using the TEA5767. The DIY FM radio will have two buttons to surf channels and also to mute/unmute the volume.

The advantages of this course –

1) Apply Arduino I2C through a new innovative project

2) Re live your childhood dream to make your own radio

3) Listen to your own FM radio receiver

4) Build the project in less than $15 if you already have a speaker and Arduino

5) Learn application of I2C communication

6) Submit for high school and undergraduate project

7) Do a weekend project and impress your friends and family

Things you would need to complete this course are: (See free videos in section 1)

a) Arduino Uno or clone

b) TEA 5767 with antennae

c) Jumper wires, two 10k ohm resistor & mini breadboard

d) One speaker/headphone

Who this course is for:

  • DIY makers, students, professional, hobbyists
  • Software developers who wish to learn hardware


  • Any 2GB laptop (Mac/Windows)
  • Basic knowledge of C
  • Basic knowledge of electronics like voltage, current

Last updated 5/2019


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