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This course lays an entry level foundation for aspirants who do not have any prior experience learning Carnatic Flute

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Created by Sriharsha Ramkumar
Last updated 4/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get thorough knowledge about the ‘Fundamentals of South Indian Carnatic Bamboo Flute’
  • Understand basic ‘Classification of Indian Classical Music’
  • Clear Understanding on the ‘Types of Indian Bamboo Flutes’ & ‘Major Differences Between them’
  • Clear Understanding on the History & Evolution of ‘South Indian Carnatic Bamboo Flute’
  • Understand Major Contributors of ‘South Indian Carnatic Flute’ who can inspire each one of us
  • Understand Physical Disciplines including – ‘Right Sitting Posture’, ‘Perfect Ways to Get Pure Sound on the Flute’ & ‘Holding the Flute in Cross Fingering Technique’
  • Understand Basic Musical Terminologies like ‘Scales’, ‘Octaves’ which are explained using Block Diagram and Pictures
  • Understand the fingering technique for the Basic Carnatic Scales – Harikambodhi & Mayamalawagowla Raga on Carnatic Flute
  • Understand Basic Permutation & Combinational sequences of Sapta Swaras in Ascending & Descending Order sequences which are practiced in 3 – Speeds called Sarali Varses.
  • Get more confidence & Familiarity with the instrument by understanding the basic ‘Rhythm & beautiful Melody’ produced by Carnatic Flute
  • Love and interest towards ‘South Indian Carnatic Flute’
  • You will need a basic ‘South Indian – Carnatic Flute’ (8 – Holed) which is now readily available in the market. If you are not able to get it, let me know

What is the course all about?

  • This Course is all about understanding Basics of ‘South Indian Richest Carnatic Music Heritage‘ – ‘The Carnatic Bamboo Flute
  • Anyone who is interested in Indian Classical Music, Carnatic Classical Music, longing to learn South Indian Carnatic Flute in particular would certainly love and jump to join this course ?

What kind of Materials are included?

  • Professional Quality pictures and Block Diagrams are used to explain concepts to make it more interesting.
  • The videos are of very High quality with lesson highlights and key pointers embedded in ‘High Quality – PNG images’ in the background
  • Difficult concepts are explained using examples of illustrations that we come across in our daily life.

How long will the Course take to complete?

  • The complete course is for around 3.5 Hrs.
  • But, as a student with ‘Zero Knowledge’ in Carnatic Flute/Music, to complete this course with perfection, it will take close to 2 – 3 months who can dedicate 1/2 Hour ~ 45min daily

How is the Course Structured?

  • The Course is structured very systematically giving more emphasis on the Fundamentals Highlighting about ‘Indian Classical Music & its Classification’, and other very important topics like ‘The different Types of Indian Bamboo Flutes and its Differences’, ‘Major Contributors to Carnatic Flute’ etc.. This will certainly bring more interest and enthusiasm in taking the course even before starting the actual exercises.
  • The exercises related to syllabus are explained clearly and few assignment exercises are added towards the end of each chapter to bring in more confidence.
  • Each and every fundamental concept is explained very clearly with clear instructions and supportive images and High Quality Video instructions
  • PDF notes are included at the end of each section with a brief about what was covered and simple assignment exercises.
  • This course is Structured systematically keeping in mind the wide range of age group 10 ~ 55 Years

Why take this course? What are my Key – Takeaways?

  • Take this course to get a flavour of ‘Richest South Indian – Carnatic Music‘ through this divine instrument – ‘The South Indian Carnatic Bamboo Flute
  • At the end of this course, You will feel proud to have known the Fundamentals of South Indian Carnatic Flute and would be enjoying yourself playing the Basic Exercises with confidence!
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone between age group 10 – 55 Years with absolute zero knowledge in Carnatic Music/Flute
  • Anyone who is suffering from Asthma/Bronchitis, Practising Flute can help you get rid of it
  • Not suggested for Pregnant women
  • This course is not for you if you’re looking for advanced and complex lessons and if you already had some previous learning experience
  • Anyone who wants ‘Strong Basics’ with Fundamentals explained in the easiest possible way to understand

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