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Learn Electrical Wiring for Houses and Buildings ,240-415V


If you are beginner, fresh graduate or electrical engineer student and you are interested to learn about the electrical system in the houses and buildings , so this course will be a good choice for you because of what listed below :

1) This course will let you understand how the electricity works in our houses,buildings such as offices,restaurants,schools,hospitals and libraries …etc .

2) You will study in this course about the AC system 240-415 V .

3) You will learn how to wire group of lighting to switches also how to connect fans and power sockets through a lot of practical exercises at this course  .

4) How to calculate the load ( current and power ) for each equipment you would fix it .

5) How to read electrical drawings and plans such as lighting layout , power layout , single line diagram and load schedule .

6) Circuit breakers will be considered in this course ( MCB and MCCB ).

7) Types of wires and cables will be considered also .

8) what is the meaning for 3-phase and single phase in our real life .

9) Whats the real benefit for earthing and why do we use earthing in electrical .

10) Moreover I will show you types of switches and power sockets .

At the end of the course you will be familiar with wiring (lights with switches and power sockets) and you will have the courage to read and understand the electrical plans , so be ready and be patient .

Meanwhile if you have a curious to learn about electrical wiring in houses this course will give you a good experience , in addition at the end of this course you will be able to apply or to work as site electrical engineer , or electrical engineer designer or both .

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical Engineer students or fresh graduate Engineers
  • Any one who has curious to learn about wiring in electrical low voltage system
  • if you are interested to know about electrical panels


  • familiar with ohm’s law and power relation law
  • patient and to focus in each lecture
  • bring note book to write down specific notes

Last updated 5/2019


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