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Learn Fluent English - For Students & Business Professionals


What is English fluency? What does it mean to speak English easily and automatically?

My definition is simple– you speak English automatically when your speech is effortless. You speak fluent English when the words come out of your mouth– without translation and without hesitation.

Sometimes this is called “thinking in English”, but truly automatic speech is even faster than that– there is no thinking. You donʼt think about the language at all- you just speak as easily and effortlessly as you do with your native language.

Why is automatic fluent speech important? Itʼs important because automatic English speaking is the key to getting results with English. Automatic speaking makes it easy to connect with native speakers. As an automatic English speaker, itʼs easy for you to make friends, participate in business meetings, talk to customers, understand movies, and get better jobs.

To get real results with English, you need to speak easily and automatically.

The Fluent English system is designed for you– the independent adult learner who wants to speak English easily and quickly. Fluent English focuses exclusively on speaking and listening skills. The system is designed to improve your speaking power as quickly as possible- using proven and tested methods.

By using all parts of the system, you will improve your English speaking 2-5 times faster compared to other traditional English classes. It is very important that you use the system exactly. Each part is important and each part works with the other parts of the system to create a powerful learning experience for you.

When you follow the entire system every day for 6 months, your speaking becomes much faster and much easier. Your spoken grammar improves powerfully- yet you will never study grammar rules in this system. Your pronunciation improves powerfully- yet you will not focus on pronunciation.

In creating Fluent English, I have assembled the very best English teaching techniques and combined them in a clear, simple, easy to use system. When you follow the system exactly, you cannot fail. You will experience the greatest English speaking improvement of your life.

The Fluent English method refers to the specific teaching techniques we use. These techniques were developed from the top teachers and researchers in the world. The Fluent English Teaching System uses techniques developed by Dr. James Asher, Dr. Stephen Krashen, Blaine Ray, Tony Robbins, Dr. Ashley Hastings, and Dr. Brenda Murphy.

The Fluent English System is designed for one thing- to make you an outstanding English speaker. At Fluent English, our entire focus is on speaking English easily and quickly.

The most important technique in the Fluent English Teaching System is that students learn with their ears (not with their eyes). To speak excellent English, you must learn with your ears.

This is the number one technique of our system and the most important for you to remember: focus most of your study time on listening to English. Weird-Story Lessons are another very powerful technique. In the Fluent English System, weird-story lessons are the most important. These are the most powerful English lessons you will every use.

In the weird-story lesson, I ask a short story. Notice that I did not say “tell” a story. I donʼt tell the story, I “ask” it. In other words, I create a story by asking a large number of questions– which you answer quickly. Most questions require only a one or two word answer. You donʼt need to answer using a full sentence– you just shout a word or two.

In the Weird-Story lesson, Iʼm constantly asking you questions. Because of this, you must always concentrate. You donʼt get bored because this is a very active way to learn. Another benefit of the questions is that you get a lot of repetition. You hear the important sentences and grammar many times. The questions and the repetition cause you to learn much faster and to remember forever.

Our system uses another kind of powerful lesson to teach grammar: the Grammar Point of View (POV) lesson. In the Grammar Point of View (POV) lesson, I tell a story several times. Each time I tell the story, I change the grammar.

For example, I might tell a story first using the present. Then I tell the same story again, using the past. Then I tell it again, using the present perfect tense…. and then again using the future.

Hereʼs why this is so powerful: You learn the grammar subconsciously and never need to think about grammar rules. I never talk about grammar rules. Instead, I teach you grammar in this simple yet powerful way. These lessons are the key to improving your SPOKEN grammar. When speaking, you donʼt have time to think about rules. You must use the grammar automatically. The Grammar Point of View lessons teach you how. Those are three of our most powerful techniques in the Fluent English Teaching Method: learn with your ears, listen to Weird-story lessons, and listen to Point of View grammar lessons.

Follow the welcome guide and enjoy your learning…

Good luck. I know you will be successful. You will speak English easily, quickly, and confidently.

Who this course is for:

  • School, University Students, Business Professionals – English Lovers.
  • For those who think:: English speaking is difficult, I must memorize and follow all grammar rules to speak excellent English.
  • For those who believe :: People from my country canʼt speak English well, Itʼs impossible to speak English easily and quickly.


  • Basic English Knowledge
  • Be able to read English

Last updated 2/2019


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