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Learn to Program in BackboneJs : Code like a Pro

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Learn to Program in BackboneJs Code like a Pro


Backbone is the powerful JavaScript library well suited for quickly building powerful single page web applications. Created by Jeremy Ashkenas this lightweight JS library is based on MVP( Model-View-Presenter) concept. Our course will focus on the core concepts of the technology and will provide you practical tips and suggestions to create professional web apps.

The course will provide you necessary skill to effectively use Backbone along with JavaScript, JQuery and UnderscoreJS. You will start with basic introduction to backbone and will wrap up with a complete web app built using backbone. The course cover the following

Backbone Concepts

Introduction to RESTful APIs

Models and their use in Backbone

Collections and their use in Backnone

Views in Backbone

Routers and Web Apps

Events and Event Hnadling

Building Web Apps using Backbone – Best strategies

Learn all this and much more in this course and start building your web apps using backbone today.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn backbone js to build web applications will find the course extremely useful


  • Knowledge of JavaScript is essential for this course

Last updated 12/2018


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