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Learn VMware and SQL Server 2012 – Step by Step كورس

Learn VMware and SQL Server 2012 – Step by Step

Discover essential Vmware and SQL Server skills necessary to become a DBA
Last updated 8/2017

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Learn VMware and SQL Server 2012 - Step by Step

What Will I Learn?
  • Over 8.5 hours of content!
  • By the end of this course, you will understand VMware and SQL Server concepts

  • Understand the concepts of Design Storage For New Databases

  • Create lab of Six virtual machines under domain controller
  • You will know how to use SSMS to manage your SQL Server
  • You will know how to perform Backup & Restores Strategies
  • You will know how to perform basic maintenance indexes

Curriculum For This Course
48 Lectures




Vmware Workstation Install and Configure

13 Lectures01:29:47

Setting Up The Lab – 6 Virtual Machines

11 Lectures01:29:50

SQL Server 2012

23 Lectures05:41:54
  • Anyone with computer operation knowledge is good enough to understand this course
  • You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows


This course will be divided into three sections:

 – The First Section will explain what the Vmware Workstation is and what are the ways to create virtual machines using this platform as well as how to configure the virtual network and how to implement file sharing between host and virtual machines  and finally how to do Snapshot.

– The Second Section of the course you will learn how to create lab of Six virtual machines and how to install the operating system Windows Server 2012 on these virtual machines, also you will learn how to Install Domain and join the virtual machines to the domain.

– The Third Section you will learn about SQL Server 2012 editions and how to install the default and name instance and how to do the testing connectivity between SQL Server instance , also you will learn about RAID technology and how to use them with SQL Server data files, you will get a good knowledge about : Exporting and Importing Data , Copying Database to Other Servers , Backup & Restore Strategies , and Indexes.

Once you have completed this course you will be able to do the 70-462 books exercises also will have a good knowledge about VMware and SQL server 2012 as database duties.

Who is the target audience?
  • Junior database administrators
  • Non-database professionals



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