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Learning For Peak Performance Learn Faster, Perform Better


How can you learn information and skills faster and better?

How can you achieve more while putting in less effort?

How can you make sure you’re at your very best for big events?

If you guessed that it’s by following the methods in this course, then congratulations and have yourself a cookie. But it’s not just marketing spin. There are so many myths out there about how to learn that drive me crazy as an educator, that I wanted to create this course based on the very latest research about what actually works.

Every lecture contains at least one actionable step that will help you immediately.

The other problem with the information currently out there about learning is that much of it is theoretical and often fairly dense. That’s why this course focuses on practical steps that you can take to improve your performance.

It’s all taught by a professional educator with over ten years’ experience of teaching and refining these methods ‘in the field’, with tangible and proven results for thousands of students.

I’ve used these methods myself to go from high school fool to winner of the top academic prize in my discipline from the University of Durham, to memorise more pointless information than I can now remember (ironically), and to somehow go from a middling IQ to becoming a member of Mensa (even my own family thinks that must have been a mistake).

These methods are tried and tested – by myself, my students, and by numerous empirical studies. They work.

Not another boring lecture, sir!

All are presented in the engaging and memorable style that you’d expect from a teacher.

At least I like to think so. Please start learning and judge for yourself. Enjoy!

Who this course is for:

  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Anyone with an interest in learning and peak performance
  • Anyone with a specific test or event coming up that they want to be at their best for


  • No requirements except an interest in learning and improving

Last updated 5/2019


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