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Lion Zeal – Agency Immersion Program

Lion Zeal - Agency Immersion Program

Lion Zeal – Agency Immersion Program
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How To Start, Scale, and Manage your own SEO Agency Without Enslaving Yourself To Clients
Module 1. The Foundation
The first module is about laying the groundwork for your agency. Client acquisition and growth is important, but without a solid plan and foundation, you wont get anywhere.
Here youll learn:

How to instantly make your agency stand out from every other apparent SEO expert so you arent competing with 150 per month SEOs
How to determine your most ideal clients, so your marketing is laser focused to stand out to great potential clients
What services you should be selling (Hint: its not just a monthly retainer), so you can make the most money without scaring away clients with expensive retainers
How to price your services so youre not pricing yourself out of the market, or under-valuing yourself

Module 2. Agency Setup
In module 2, youll learn how to get your agency setup and ready to begin taking on clients. Including:

How to setup your agency site so it doesnt just look pretty, but actually converts your visitors into leads
How to write the copy on your site so you dont look like every other agency that needs to compete on price
A simple approach to find your first paying client in the next 2-3 weeks, so you can immediately start generating cashflow to invest into growing your agency
How to setup your company before getting clients, so you look more professional and dont put off companies from working with you (extremely important for people targeting Europe)

Module 3. Prospecting
In module 3, youll learn how to find your ideal clients to reach out to and convert into clients. This deserves an entire training on its own and is the most underrated part of building an agency. Here youll learn:

Where to find hot lists of your ideal prospects which gives you an unlimited supply of leads to advertise to so you can consistently complete outreach
The biggest mistake most people make when building prospecting lists, understanding this will bring you better quality leads that are easier to sell high-end services to
Which elements to look at in a business to qualify them as an ideal clients, doing this will save you hundreds of hours and potentials thousands of dollars of wasted advertising
A list of recommended go-to sites that you can immediately go on and begin prospecting so theres no need to guess, just go on the recommended sites and get started
Hidden sources you can tap into that most people completely miss out, this takes extra research but gives you better quality leads, and guarantees you arent promoting to the exact same businesses as everyone else

Module 4. Outreach
In module 4, youll learn how to reach out to your ideal clients to get them interested in your services, and how to later follow up. Here youll learn:

The single most effective style of marketing for selling SEO services, so you can turn cold leads into 4 figure per month clients, without being stuck competing over price
How to create video audits that hook cold leads and turn them into hot ready-to-buy leads so you can get real responses from cold outreach without lowering your prices
How to use the fake video audit method to half the number of videos you need to create (or less) so you can reach 3-5x more businesses with your daily outreach
How to create automated webinars for selling SEO services so you can sell to more prospects with less work
How to write cold emails that demand attention, hook prospects, and generate responses without breaking any laws or sounding like every other agency in the world
The biggest misunderstanding about lumpy mail and how to do it properly so you can position yourself as an expert and turn the tables so clients actually want to hire you
How to bypass gatekeepers on the phone for cold calling or follow up, so you can speak to the decision maker directly (and actually have a chance of closing the deal)
The 2 different cold calling approaches for selling high-end services over the phone (1 of these is completely different to what most people do), so you can develop a skill to generate clients on demand, without having to do hundreds of calls just to figure out how to approach it
The only 5 outreach methods you should use to attract your first clients, including exact templates and scripts to use, so you can shortcut your testing and copy/paste my proven processes
How to follow up with your prospects 5-10x until theyre ready to buy, including templates and scripts, so you dont miss easy client opportunities (since most clients will only sign after follow up)

Module 5. Closing
In module 5, youll learn how to convert your leads into paying clients, using just a phone. Here youll learn:

A proven 5 step sales funnel to run your prospects through that works in every country or language, and has been used by students to close 6-7 figures worth of deals, so you have a simple process to follow without guess-work
How to sell entirely over the phone so you can do it from anywhere in the world without ever having to meet prospects
How to create a proposal that closes 70-80 of prospects, including my personal proposal template, so you can stop losing out on thousands of dollars worth of deals you could have easily closed
What to say on the phone, including my copy and paste scripts so you can immediately start sounding like an expert and remove all the umms and uhhs from your calls
What to say if they ask you for testimonials or example sites, and how you can avoid this question even coming up 90 of the time, so you dont have to spend 6 months building example sites to get clients
How to ask for the sale repeatedly and overcome objections without sounding like a used car salesman so you can confidently push for the sale without feeling weird and not freak out about what to say when they give any type of objection

Module 6. Delivering Your Services
In module 6, youll learn how to deliver the services youve sold to your client. Here youll learn:

A week-by-week plan to rank any clients website so you have a simple, repeatable process for ranking clients that you can easily outsource without having to hire expensive experts
How I build PBN links including a breakdown of safely using anchor texts in 2016 so you dont get your clients penalised or sandboxed but get the best out of your PBNs
How to create an SEO audit that you can sell for 1,000+ so you can attract more clients with an entry level offer, and even sell to people that cant afford your monthly retainer and would prefer to do it themselves
How to outsource your link building and PBN links if you dont want to do it yourself, so you can focus 100 on client acquisition and management (which is very smart)

Ill be honest: This isnt a full breakdown of how to rank. Youll get an exact blueprint and process to use to rank clients, but if you dont know how to do all the onpage and link building correctly, it may be too advanced for you.

Dont worry, youll also have the option to bundle in my Scientific Rankings course with this training, so youll also have a full step-by-step breakdown of how to rank for anything. To the right person though, this is extremely valuable.

Module 7. Managing Clients
In module 7, youll learn how to manage your clients without frustrating them so they leave, or frustrating yourself so you feel like youre in a high-paying job.

Module 8. Expert Positioning
In module 8, youll learn how to position yourself as an expert so clients start coming to you. This is an advanced module for once youve got a few clients from outreach.

Module 9. List Building
In module 9, youll learn how to build a list of prospects that you can sell to through automated emails, and use to generate clients on demand.

Module 10. Outsourcing
In module 10, youll learn how to hire virtual assistants and outsource your work so you have more time for scaling and client acquisition.


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